License and Regularization

License and Regularization

  • Health licenses – initial, renewal, expansion, reduction and alteration

  • MAPA – Licenses issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply

  • City license – Record of Operation License

  • License from the Fire Department – Fire Protection Project, issue of the CLCB (License Certificate from the Fire Department) and Fire Protection Project.

  • Authorization to dispose medicines and waste – CADRI/Cartão Verde

  • Advisory and technical regulation services so multinational companies can be installed in Brazil

  • Registration of professionals and companies in the Class Councile

  • Environmental licenses and waivers/CETESB

  • Registration and notification of products at ANVISA: Medicines, health products, cosmetics, food and sanitizing products

  • Registration of veterinary products at MAPA

  • Registration of brands

  • National Registry of Health Establishments – CNES

  • Health Law: administrative defenses, legal proceedings at all levels of jurisdiction for surveillance, MAPA and ANVISA. Participation in meetings at ANVISA and other State and City agencies

  • Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices ANVISA – BPF